You Are Not Alone

One of the most desolating sensations known to mortals is that of being alone. A few hardy souls embrace the hermit life, though I suspect they need the option of returning to society to keep them from giving up or going mad. The rest of us need relationships, especially ones that give us the sense that we are not alone in our struggles and troubles. Whatever you are facing today, you are not alone, even if you don’t know your fellow-sufferers.

Elijah thought he was the last man alive who was faithful to God. In despair, he wanted God to end his life. Imagine his surprise to learn that God had 7,000 faithful servants in the land. What’s more, God had more work for him to do — work that involved him meeting one of the unknown 7,000. (Read about it here)

One thing is sure, whether or not you feel connected to others, people like you are out there, and it may be that God has something to accomplish through you that involves them. (Read about it here)


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